What are your rates?

We will visit you and get a thorough idea of all your cleaning and home help needs and introduce ourselves to you. Then we will call you the next day with a price for all the work. This quotation is given without cost and without obligation. If you think we can help you and you are happy with the price we will agree a schedule to keep your home in great shape!

Can I pick the day I want for my cleaning?

We will do our very best to fit you into our schedule at the time you require. If we can’t give you the exact day that you want, we will offer you the next best alternative. We keep a note of customers’ preferred days and you will be given priority for your preferred day based on how long you have been with us.

Can I choose my cleaning products?

Yes! If you have a preference for a certain type of cleaning product we will work with that. If you don’t have a preference then just leave it to us, we bring all the cleaning products and cleaning equipment you need! Your quote incudes the cost of all standard cleaning products and there is no extra to pay. Occasionally customers have a preference for a very specialist cleaning product and prefer to provide it themselves, thats fine too!

Do I need to provide my own vacuum cleaner?

You don’t have to as we attend with both a hose vacuum and an upright vacuum cleaner. Some customers prefer us to use their own vacuum cleaner which is fine and for the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic what we recommend to prevent cross contamination between homes.

Do you use agency cleaning staff?

No! Only Cheralyn and Jenny will provide your cleaning and domestic help.

Do you have references?

Yes! We will be happy to show you our references and you can read some of them here: https://lutoncleaning.co.uk/references/
Some of out customers have also kindly agreed to speak to you if you would like further reassurance.

How long have you been trading?

We have been taking care of people’s homes since 2001. Our current longest standing customer has been with us since our second year of trading.

What other services besides cleaning do you offer?

We can assist with all sorts of domestic help. We will shop and do small amounts of ironing, change your bed, prepare a light meal and if you need it we’ll have a tea and a chat!